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Kansas City home inspection - radon danger
The very real danger to your health
"We feel so much better now knowing that our little girl will grow up in a healthier home. We had Miki do a radon test when she inspected our new place. She told us that other houses in the neighborhood had mitigation systems so ours might need one, too. She was right. The test came in very high for radon. The sellers fixed it. And now our daughter will be safer. "
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Radon is a colorless, odorless, tasteless radioactive gas
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Radon has been linked to lung cancer. Statistically, in the Kansas City area, one of every three houses tested is found to have elevated radon levels. It's easy to think that houses without full basements will also be without radon gas. That's not true at all. It matters whether the ground under the house has a high concentration of radon, not what kind of foundation the house has. So don't let anyone tell you that a certain type of house doesn't need to be tested for radon. Fortunately, radon is a fixable problem.

Complete Home Inspection uses a continuous radon monitor that takes samples over a period of two full days, with the test unit placed in the lowest livable level of the house. Windows are kept closed throughout the time of the test. The test results are then averaged into an overall number for your final report. If the radon level is higher than 4.0piC/l, then it should be fixed, or "mitigated". A small suction fan is installed in a pipe that goes through the basement floor to suck out the radon from under the house and vent it to the exterior of the house. That way, the radon gas isnít in the breathing air inside the house. The system becomes a permanent part of the house and uses about the same amount of electricity as a clock radio.

A Complete Home Inspection radon test costs $100. A radon mitigation system costs about $700-900 in the Kansas City area. If you are buying a house, test for radon as a part of your home inspection process. If the test shows a high radon level, you might negotiate with the seller to correct it. If it comes in low, you have peace of mind knowing that youíre buying a healthier house. In Kansas, radon testers and mitigation companies must be certified. Miki Mertz of Complete Home Inspection has been a certified radon tester for more than 20 years.
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Kansas City home inspection - radon danger
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