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Kansas City Home Inspections
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Kansas City home inspection - Complete Home Inspection
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A sampling of customer comments following their Kansas City home inspections
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Kansas City Home Inspections
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Here's what Complete Home Inspection customers had to say about their Kansas City home inspections
Kansas City home inspections since 1992
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Read actual Angie's List customer reviews of their Complete Home Inspections
April 2017
It's a busy month for customer comments. One set of clients saw one of my old inspection reports while touring a house. They were very impressed with the thoroughness of that report. Then they viewed my YouTube videos and said they felt like they knew me already when I first met them at the house they ended up buying. Following the inspection of the house they bought, their agent said, "I like how thorough and down to earth you are, not telling us how wonderful you are, just showing us that you are." A different set of clients learned, during their Complete Home Inspection, that there were two layers of roofing (asphalt over wood) at the house they were considering buying. When I informed them that they wouldn't be able to purchase homeowners insurance because of the roofing, they backed out of the deal saying, "Thank you so much for the help today. You were AMAZING! After meeting with the roofer, who happened to have been at the house 5 years ago, we have cancelled the contract. We will totally be using your services and hopefully we will have better luck."

First-time home buyers appreciated the peace of mind they got from their Complete Home Inspection, writing, "Miki, we are SO grateful to you for sharing your knowledge and expertise with us, especially on a holiday weekend!! Your incredibly thorough inspection and clear report will be invaluable in helping us move forward with our plans. Thank you so much for empowering us during this first (exciting yet intimidating!) home-buying experience. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help you; we'd be happy to sing your praises on a more public forum of your choice :)" And, another client chose Complete Home Inspection for his Kansas City home inspection because of all the info on this web site. He wrote, "Thank you Miki. I watched the video re: what to expect when the report comes across. A nice bonus feature of your service."